Saturday, April 9, 2016

Playing Torrey Pines in a Torrential Rain

Cathy and I (mostly me) are back-of-the-pack golfers.  However, we appreciate this wonderful game. On a recent trip to southern California we decided to play Torrey Pines Golf Course, the ocean side course for the annual PGA Farmers Insurance Open, and past and future course of the U.S. Open Championship.

In summary:
  • Temperature was unseasonably cold at 45 degrees and windy.
  • Rain was expected.
  • Due to the weather, the course was not crowded.
  • South Course fee was $110 each plus $25 for a cart.
  • Decision time - do we play or not?  Answer - Yes!
  • As we were finishing the second hole of the South Course - life threatening weather was instantly upon us (check out the video).  Horrendous wind, lightening, rain, and hail came down from the sky. Evacuate the course!
  • We asked for a Raincheck, but the starter said the course had a  No Raincheck Policy. Decision time: 1) Walk away from our $245 paid fee for two holes, 2) Continue in live-threatening conditions, or 3) Wait in soaked clothing in hope the weather clears. We chose door number 3 - given this was a life-time opportunity to play a U.S. Open Course.
  • As we played the tenth hole - the sky again explored with life-threatening conditions.  We both readily agreed we had proved ourselves on this beautiful PGA course - and it was time for a hot shower, warm clothing, and lots of nice memories.

Halfway through the 10th Hole - No need to prove ourselves

"About Torrey Pines

Located in La Jolla (pronounced "la hoya"), California, Torrey Pines Golf Course sits on the coastal cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is recognized as the premier municipal golf course owned and operated by a city. It is named after the Torrey Pine, a rare tree that grows in the wild only along this local stretch of the coastline in San Diego County and on Santa Rosa Island.

It offers two picturesque and, due to its yearly hosting of the PGA TOUR's Farmers Insurance Open event, widely recognizable championship 18-hole golf courses. It is surely the most accessible public facility for the die-hard enthusiast wishing to play at a world-renown facility that nearly all golfers know by name.

Torrey Pines was the site of perhaps the most memorable modern day U.S. Open Championship, when in 2008, under the typically brutal conditions of this major tournament, injured and hobbling Tiger Woods defeated Rocco Mediate during their sudden death playoff after 90 grueling holes of exciting golf.

Torrey Pines will host the 2020 US Open Championship."


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