Thursday, July 29, 2010

Never say, “I wish I had swum across Perkins Pond”

This blog describes seven friends doing a group endurance swim of nearly one mile at Perkins Pond, Sunapee, NH.

The swimmers, accompanied by a safety boat, go across the pond, around a raft, and then return back to the start. The swim takes approximately 40 minutes. The video describes the requirements the athletes meet before they swim with the group.

The maps, pictures, and video show snippets of the swim and will give you an “up front and personal” perspective.

The history of this swim started when my 7 and 8 year old boys, Shaun and Tim, asked to drive our 6 hp motor boat by themselves. Cathy and I knew the boys could swim, but if an emergency should occur in the boat, we were skeptical about their ability to swim a long time.

We told the boys they could only take the boat alone if they could swim across Perkins pond, and then swim back, all without a life vest. Of course we would accompany them by boat to insure their safety.

Our challenge proved to be an incentive for these young boys to improve and practice their swimming skills. Later that summer they fullfilled their swim agreement, and they were allowed to use the boat, wearing a life vest, by themselves.

Now, with close friends and family, we gather to repeat this original challenge.

Our seven swimmers in this blog post represent members of the Priest, Nestler and Scharff families.

Whether as a swimmer or supporter, enjoying the outdoors with friends and family is something you do to never have to say, “I wish I had swum across Perkins Pond."

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Hike to Table Rock, Dixville, New Hampshire

Please join me in a hike to Table Rock in Dixville Notch, NH.

My wife Cathy and I spent an enjoyable three days at the magnificent Balsams Grand Hotel Resort, located in the great north woods of New Hampshire. Looking out the window from our room, I was enticed to hike to Table Rock.

Table Rock is without question the scariest, most spectacular overlook of my New Hampshire hiking experiences. Table Rock is the tip of a chiseled natural elevation that towers over the Dixville Notch highway. Table Rock jets out at the highest point of the Notch, seemingly a sentry guarding the Balsams property hundreds of feet below it. On a clear day, the view from Table Rock can include the mountains of Canada, Vermont, and Maine.

Reaching Table Rock requires a one plus hour hill climb on a narrow tree-canopied forest trail with 30 – 50% grades and rocks, roots, streams, and mud.

Please enjoy the video of my hike to Table Rock.