Friday, April 17, 2009

Planning a Paddle & Hike to Connecticut Lakes & Lake Francis

I am looking for suggestions for areas of hiking and paddling for a trip with John, Dundee, and Dick in mid June 2009. Here is what we have planned so far:

  • Monday drive and camp at Lake Francis State Park and paddle the lake as light permits. The Park is our camp area for three nights

  • Tuesday hike 4th Connecticut Lake, and paddle Lake Francis

  • Wednesday paddle 3rd and 2nd Connecticut Lakes (can we paddle on both lakes without needing to put canoes/kayaks on cars to get from one lake to the other?)

  • Thursday paddle 1st Connecticut Lake (again, is there a paddle connection between lst and 2nd lake. Drive back to Manchester area in afternoon.

We heard the Buck Rub Pub is a great place to quench our thirst and have breakfast/diner. Comment?

I used Google Earth and with Google search found the site with a great narrative of an earlier trip by a fellow outdoor enthuiast. I do believe we will be following his earlier trek.

Why are we doing this? 1. To say we have straddled the Connecticut River at its 4th Connecticut Lake headwaters outlet. 2. See many moose. 4. Enjoy my fellow trekers and The Great North Woods. 4. Because we never want to say, "I wish I had paddled the Connecticut Lakes and Lake Francis."

If you have been there before I would love to hear your suggestions, comments, and web links to look at to get further psyched.

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