Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Son the Writer

Small Dogma Publishing has selected Shaun’s book, Decisions, as their showcase book of the month. You can order his book at

A great Christmas gift for less than $14.

One reviewer of the book said: In Decisions, Shaun Priest gives the reader a look at the life of one illegal gambler in a way that brings home the reality of the world of bookies and their customers. Priest’s main character, Jack Fitzgerald, is a hotshot ex-jock and salesman for CM Solutions, a Boston-area company that specializes in selling software systems to hospitals. “Fitzy” is married, with a young son, plays basketball in an adult amateur league, and seems to have it all. But he has got a secret: he’s a compulsive gambler….At its heart, Decisions is a page-turner. It’s not a cerebral or contemplative tome, but it will keep you reading. This book would make a great movie.

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