Friday, July 2, 2010

A Hike to Table Rock, Dixville, New Hampshire

Please join me in a hike to Table Rock in Dixville Notch, NH.

My wife Cathy and I spent an enjoyable three days at the magnificent Balsams Grand Hotel Resort, located in the great north woods of New Hampshire. Looking out the window from our room, I was enticed to hike to Table Rock.

Table Rock is without question the scariest, most spectacular overlook of my New Hampshire hiking experiences. Table Rock is the tip of a chiseled natural elevation that towers over the Dixville Notch highway. Table Rock jets out at the highest point of the Notch, seemingly a sentry guarding the Balsams property hundreds of feet below it. On a clear day, the view from Table Rock can include the mountains of Canada, Vermont, and Maine.

Reaching Table Rock requires a one plus hour hill climb on a narrow tree-canopied forest trail with 30 – 50% grades and rocks, roots, streams, and mud.

Please enjoy the video of my hike to Table Rock.


  1. Great video! It's an amazing spot and have hiked it numerous times with today being the first winter ascent.

  2. There is a Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire AND in Vermont!
    A reader of my Hike to Table Rock at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire YouTube video questioned being able to see Mt Monadnock from Table Rock. Yes, the guide was correct – on a clear day you can see Mt Monadnock in Vermont. Yes, Vermont has a Mt Monadnock, AND so does New Hampshire.
    Vermont’s Mount Monadnock (3148 feet tall) is located near the Canada border in northeastern Vermont. To get to the trailhead for Vermont’s Mt Monadnock - Follow Rte 3 north to Colebrook NH - go past the intersection with Rte 26 and take your next left onto Bridge Street. Cross the river into Vermont and take a left onto Rte 102. Take your first left into the gravel pit. Follow the road to the left and park just before the sign Vehicles are not allowed beyond this point. Head up the road on foot and turn left at the trailhead sign. Follow the trail and then head to the right corner where you will see a blue surveyor mark at the start of the trail. See and

    New Hampshire’s Mount Monadnock (3165 feet tall) is located near the central Massachusetts border just east of Keene, New Hampshire. There are trails to the Mt Monadnock summit from virtually any of the roads surrounding the mountain.

    Major roads access the New Hampshire Mt Monadnock area from Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. See information and directions with and

  3. Beautiful views of the Balsam's Hotel... Great video! Thanks you!