Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New London New Hampshire Triathlon - a Family Affair for Three Generations

My adult son Shaun and I are fellow triathletes.  Is it possible we could get my grandson Carson in the same triathlon?

Teenage friends of my thirteen year-old grandson, Carson, ask me if he might be interested in being a teammate on their triathlon team they were putting together.  They wanted Carson to do the ¼ mile swim leg – the initial leg of the swim-bike-run triathlon.

A telephone call to my son Shaun asking if my grandson might be interested had a response of “Ask Carson”.

A follow-up text message from Carson, met with a one word response, “Yes!”

Carson’s positive reply peaked my interested in being in the same race, so I registered, as Shaun did, as an individual entry to do all three legs.

Two weeks before the race, I experienced a hamstring injury.  While I could swim and bike with this injury, I knew I could not complete a 3.1 mile run.

Hmm, maybe since Carson was starting the first leg for his team, I might ask Carson to do my third leg – the run?  Would the race officials allow this?  Would the officials allow me to change my registration from an individual entry to a team entry?

I contacted the person responsible for the race registration; I explained my injury situation; asked if I could change from an individual entry to a team entry; and asked if my grandson, Carson, who was already registered on another team for the first leg, could do my third leg - the run.  Her response was a very affirmative “YES!” to all my questions and concerns (I did need to increase my registration fee as the team fee is higher than an individual entry.)

Perkins Pond Team
The Priest’s

The above chart shows my grandson and I start the race as competitors in the swim, and finish as teammates with his run.  Fantastic!

Enjoy the below four minute video as three generations of the Priest family enjoy the New London New Hampshire Triathlon .

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