Friday, December 27, 2013

Snowshoeing in Bedford, NH at Benedictine Conservation and Van Loan Preserve

My friend Mark sent an email inviting his fellow outdoor enthusiasts to a moonlight snowshoe in the fields and woods of Benedictine Conservation Land and Van Loan Preserve in Bedford, New Hampshire.  Both areas are next to each other separated by Wallace Road.

These properties are protected by The Bedford Land Trust with conservation easements and allow public access to the trails for passive recreational use that remain in place forever.  They were perfect for our snowshoeing quest.
Snowshoeing Benedictine Conservation Land

On a clear moon lit night in December nine (9) Outdoor Enthusiasts met at the Benedictine Conservation Land parking lot.  The temperature was a mild 18 degrees F.

From the Kiosk leading to the Benedictine field we went clockwise on the Perimeter Trail climbing up the open field hill just inside the tree line.  We completed the loop passing the Kiosk in about 15 minutes.

We then crossed Wallace Road to the woods of the Van Loan Trail

Van Loan Preserve

The Van Loan Trail is initially a narrow trail through the woods before crossing Riddle Brook Bridge.  Thereafter the Van Loan Trail reaches a Junction whence we snowshoe onto the Anna and Pic Loop trail counterclockwise. 

The Anna and Pic Loop shortly returns to the Van Loan Trail from where we turn left back to the Junction of the Anna and Pic Loop.

We re-cross Riddle Brook Bridge following the Van Loan Trail to Wallace Road and the Benedictine Parking area.

The total snowshoe trek was about an hour and forty-five minutes.

The videos you are about to see are generally dark because the only light was that of our headlamps and the light of the moon.  I have left these black videos to give you a sense of hiking in the dark led by shining headlamps and the voices of fellow snowshoeing enthusiasts.

It was a magnificent night.  Wonderful friends.  Beautiful clean country air.  Enjoy this short video of snow shoeing in Bedford, New Hampshire.

"Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go outdoors." – S. Priest

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