Monday, August 24, 2015

Lake Sunapee Rowing Club 2015 Flag Pole Race

The Lake Sunapee Rowing Club (LSRC) email announced their annual Flag Pole rowing race would be Sunday, August 23rd at Georges Mills from 6 am to 8 am. The boat categories would be singles, doubles, quads and eights.  After the races there will be a pot luck breakfast at the beach. 

This was an interesting email for competitive LSRC members, but there was no way I could consider any type of crewing competition.  Certainly three weeks of rowing lessons was not supposed to make me a competitor. 
After our weekly lesson on Tuesday, KC approached me and asked, “Steve, would you be my doubles partner in the Flag Pole race on Sunday?”  Never say, “I wish I had …” crossed my mind, and I said “Yes, thanks for asking.”

I did give KC an out option by saying, “If you can find a partner with more rowing experience please do so and I will completely understand.”

To ease my restless nights before the race I was assured by KC, “Steve, it is really a very causal, friendly, and low-key competition."

Enough said.  Enjoy the below four minute video of Steve’s participation in the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club Flag Pole Race.

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