Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Outdoor Play Fun 4 4 Seasons Volume II

I just made my December 2015 publishing date.  You can order at or

Outdoor Play "Fun 4 4 Seasons" Volume II is a gift for all ages that never gets outdated. Steve Priest’s fifth outdoor book, Outdoor Play, “Fun 4 4 Seasons” Volume II, was published February 2016.

Many of Steve’s expeditions are indeed bucket list items:
  • Northern Forest Canoe Trail;
  • Maine Island Trail;
  • Crossing the fabled Knife Edge trail to the terminus of the northern Appalachian Trail;
  • Paddling the boundary waters of Ontario and Minnesota;
  • A spring hike into Tuckerman’s Ravine to watch extreme skiers on 70 plus feet of snow;
  • Camping in the NH Great North Woods with a near 100% sighting of moose;
  • Allagash Wilderness Waterway;
  • Descending into the Grand Canyon via Bright Angel Trail;
For outdoor persuasions of any age: 
  • Hike to Diana’s Bath;
  • Zip line over the Mt Sunapee treetops;
  • Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to see in their natural habitat “up close and personal” black bear, bobcats and mountain lions;
  • Paddle McDaniel’s Marsh to see eagle, beavers, and other wildlife;
  • Learning to row (like in crewing);
  • There is a chapter on How to be an Outdoor Enthusiast;
  • And much more;
If you want 5 or more books signed, send me an email and we can work out the logistics.  

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"Everyone must do something.  I believe I will go outdoors with family and friends"

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