Monday, August 29, 2016

Rowing Lessons with Lake Sunapee Rowing Club

A proud father and grandfather shares videos of his two sons and grandson taking July 2016 and July 2015 rowing lessons from the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club  (LSRC

The 2016 day's class was for the doubles scull and the singles scull. The LSRC provides the boats (also known as shells). 

Lake Sunapee Eight plus Coxswain on Lake Sunapee with Mt Sunapee in background
Our coach, Brenda, is just an amazing instructor with knowledge, skills, and a lot of patience.  Brenda makes the classes fun with personal instruction for each student, and a wealth of education on learning the language and techniques of rowing. 

Tim and Carson did the doubles scull, while Shaun did the singles scull. Coach Brenda motored between the two sculls given each one immediate feedback.  In addition, while Brenda counseled Shaun and Tim at the end of the evening, she had Carson get into a single scull, and with a brief tutorial, Carson was sent on his way into Lake Sunapee to adjust to the single scull.  After Brenda's session with Shaun and Tim, she rowed in a single scull beside Carson to instruct him in his first single scull lesson.

See a nine-minute video of this 2-hour lesson by Coach Brenda.

In 2015 Tim and Carson, and their friend Nicholas, took lessons in the Eight plus coxswain boat with LSRC. Below is a 5-minute video of the 2-hour lesson.

Now, Shaun, Tim, Carson and Nicholas have experienced lessons offered by the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club.

So where is OutdoorSteve in his rowing this year?
  • I had the privilege of participating in the 2016 Prouty Rowing doubles rowing event on the Connecticut River starting at the Dartmouth College boat house. As representatives of the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club, my teammate Dave and I, under the excellent tutelage of LSRC coaches, trained for the month of June and early July for two hours every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.
  • Along with the Prouty training, a friend asked if I wanted his unused single scull. His offer was readily accepted, and from June till the middle of September, I managed to do a one-hour every other day row in my single scull. The very positive results of this committed training will be discussed in a future blog.


Single Scull



Eight Plus

What is Rowing/Crew?

Here is the definition by River City Crew: The term "crew" is often used when talking about rowing. This term is commonly misused, so this may clarify the truths of the names of the sport. "Crew", as a noun, can refer to either the people in a specific high school or collegiate rowing boat or the entire sport of rowing in high school or college. The term "crew team" is redundant and is not properly used. After college, the term "crew" is no longer used to describe the sport or people in a boat, and "rowing team" or "rowing club" is proper. In the sport of rowing, "crew" is never, ever properly used as a verb, i.e., one does not "go crewing", rather one would "go rowing". When in doubt, the noun "rowing team" or verb "rowing" will always be correct when describing the sport.
Rowing is truly a sport which can be done throughout one's lifetime.
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