Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Progress Report Live by Mike Farley - An Interview with Outdoor Steve

Mike Farley, Manchester Community Television (MCTV) producer and weekly co-host of The Progress Report Live, asked Steve to join him on his weekly one hour TV show and discuss Steve's New Hampshire outdoor experiences.

Steve shared his mission to motivate and encourage families and individuals to make the outdoors a key component of their daily life.  Steve outlined his approach in “Making the outdoors a lifestyle for the long haul.” 

Below is a 50-minute video of The Progress Report Live, November 16, 2016.  Steve and Mike chatted on:
  •  “Everyone should believe in something … I believe I will go OUTDOORS!”
  •  Never say, “I wish I had …”.
  •  Up is optional – Down is Mandatory.
  •  Down is Option – Up is Mandatory.
  •  How to get started in becoming an outdoor enthusiast.
  •  Steve’s latest New Hampshire outdoor activity.
  •  One of Steve’s favorite New Hampshire outdoor trips – the Great North Woods of NH.
  •  Steve’s outdoor books offer references and galore for New Hampshire outdoors fun.
  • Steve’s e-book versions have videos of Steve with his family and friends in their many New Hampshire outdoor adventures.
  • Steve’s hard cover and e-books can be found at


"Everyone must do something.  I believe I will go outdoors with family and friends"
Steve's 5th book, Outdoor Play Fun 4 4 Seasons Volume II, is now available (2016).  

Outdoor Play Volume II has trip preparations, routes, and narratives of bucket list places to go. The book will motivate friends and family to make the outdoors a key component of their daily life. If you want 5 or more books signed, send Steve an email send Steve an email  and we can work out the logistics.

Order books at:

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