Sunday, January 7, 2018

New London, NH Conservation Commission Website.

A friend just shared the below New London, NH Conservation Commission website. It is a wealth of information for day hikes in the New London, New Hampshire area.  What most excited me was the spreadsheet titled, Individual Trail Links.  Each of the 29 trails listed in the spreadsheet has a link to specific descriptions and directions.  Wow!

Individual Trail Links

1. Bunker Loop  11. Kidder-Cleveland-Clough 21. Philbrick-Cricenti Bog
2. Clark Lookout 12. Knights Hill Nature Park 22. Phillips Memorial Preserve
3. Clark Pond 13. Langenau Forest Spur 23. Pleasant Lake High
4. Cocoa's Path (SRKG) 14. Little Sunapee Associates 24. Shepard Spring
5. Cook Trails 15. Low Plain 25. Webb Forest
6. Cordingley 16. Lyon Brook 26. Wolf Tree (SRKG)
7. Dura Crockett 17. Messer Pond 27. SRKG Trails 5
8. Great Brook (SRKG) 18. Morgan Hill 28. SRKG Trails 6
9. Kidder 19. Morgan Hill Loop 29. SRKG Trails 7
10. Kidder Brook 20. Morgan Pond

The below is a screen print to further entice you to go to this most informative and instructive web site.

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