Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sky Dive Georgia

My grandson  Carson, his father Shaun, and his Uncle Tim, celebrated Carson's 2018 graduation from Harrison High School, Kennesaw, Georgia with a tandem sky jump.

They jumped from 14,600 feet.  The total jump took approximately 4 1/2 minutes. The free fall was one minute, followed by a 3 1/2 minute parachute flight to a safe landing.

Carson will be attending the University of Mississippi this Fall. 

Carson's sister, Madison, did the skydive in 2016.  She is a senior at Auburn University.

Carson Skydiving 2018

Shaun Skydiving 2018

Timothy Skydiving 2018

Maddi Skydiving 2016

Video by a Proud Grandfather and Father
Preparation, Pre and Post Interviews

Never say, " I wish I had been skydiving"

Sky Dive The Farm


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