Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rowing in Peak Foliage Season on Perkins Pond, Sunapee, NH

Friends ask, “When is Peak Foliage Season in the Sunapee/Dartmouth region of New Hampshire?”

Yesterday, October 10th, I looked out my window in early morning sunlight. The Pond was like clear ice, AND the trees around the Pond screamed of red, yellow, orange, and green fall colors. And these same rainbow colors reflected identical images on the window glass-like water. I was enthralled with living here in New Hampshire.

Now was the perfect time to get my rowing scull moving ... picture-perfect calm water with Michelangelo painted views of the foliage, cloudless blue sky and Mount Sunapee rising in majesty above the Pond.

My rowing scull and I slowly entered the water, seeking a comfortable oar rowing rhythm around the Pond … and relishing this magnificent sacred moment.

My usual early morning row is three times around the perimeter twice-a-week … usually these times are close to an hour. I go clock-wise one day, and counter-clock-wise the next.

I passed my friend’s dock and heard her call asking if she could take a video this gorgeous day. “Yes, thank you”.

Her video is a “Wow” moment for me. See the peak rainbow colors on the mountains surrounding the Pond. The reflections on the water are captivating and are equally spell binding.

And in the middle of this creation of mountains, forests, multicolored leaves and water ... I blend as a rower.

I pass by my house and see the rewards of a life-time of saving.

Peak Foliage Season in the Sunapee/Dartmouth region of New Hampshire is NOW. 

I never have to say, "I wish I had rowed in Perkins Pond in Peak Foliage Season"


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