Thursday, July 15, 2021

Friends and Relatives Annual swim across Perkins Pond.

The swimmers, accompanied by a safety boat, go across Perkins Pond, around a raft, and then return back to the start. The swim takes approximately 40 – 50 minutes minutes.

Swimmers and Safety Guards - Perkins Pond One-Mile Swim

The history of this swim started when my 7 and 6-year-old boys, Shaun and Tim, asked to drive our six-hp motorboat by themselves. Cathy and I knew the boys could swim and drive the boat, but if an emergency should occur in the boat, we were skeptical about their ability to swim a long time.

We told the boys they could only take the boat alone if they could swim across Perkins Pond, and then swim back, all without a life vest. Of course, we would accompany them by boat to ensure their safety.

Our challenge proved to be an incentive for these young boys to improve and practice their swimming skills. Later that summer they fulfilled their swim agreement, and they were allowed to use the boat, always wearing a life vest, by themselves.

Now, annually for the last forty-plus years with close friends and family, we gather to repeat this original challenge. This year also offered another celebration, as four of our group accepted proposals of marriage.

The Swim
As you see in the video, the eleven swimmers are accompanied by a motorboat, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, all of which have life-vests plus throw cushions for each swimmer. Utmost is ensuring the safety of the swimmers with immediately available help in case of cramps or exhaustion and keeping recreation boats away from the swimmers.

To participate, one needs to be an experienced swimmer. Moreso, they need to be in good physical condition to make this one-mile 40 - 50 minute swim. This requirement may seem obvious, but my experience finds some swimmers in the past have underestimated their skill and endurance needed for this one-mile swim in open water. The result is they were pulled from the water into one of the lifeguard boats.

As you will hear in the video, there is good-natured ribbing and chatting throughout the easy-going swim.

" Everyone must do something. I believe I will go outdoors with family and friends"


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