Saturday, October 1, 2022

Practicing Skeet Shooting Skills

A sunny 45-degree Saturday morning at Rodys Gun Shop, Newport, NH, offered Steve and his friends an opportunity to practice their skeet shooting skills.

L-R: Steve, Coach Rick, Mark, Leon

Outdoor Steve is a newcomer to this sport, and this blog is definitely not a "how-to" tutorial. The two references below provide the reader insights into American Skeet Shooting. 
  • An Upper and Lower House on opposite ends of the range where the orange clay disks (commonly called "targets" or "clay pigeons") are thrown.
  • Eight Stations from where the shooter rotates.
  • One round of shooting is 25 shots spread across the eight stations.
  • A round of Skeet involves one box of 25 shotgun shells per shooter, which will be fired at eight stations.
  • The shooters begin a round at Station 1 in front of the High House and progress around the arc to Station 7 in front of the Low House, ending at Station 8 precisely in the middle between the two houses.
  • Today, Steve and his friends did two rounds, firing 50 shots each. All shooters wore hearing and eye protection.
The below graphic of a skeet shooting range specification and picture of Rodys Gun Shop range show:

Skeet Field Layout from


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