Sunday, June 30, 2024

On the evening of June 29, 2024, the town of Sunapee, NH, chose an innovative and eco-friendly way to celebrate the Independence of the United States by hosting a spectacular drone show instead of traditional fireworks. This decision, spearheaded by Keith Rodrigue, aimed to protect the pristine waters of the class 1 Lake Sunapee from contamination. The night sky transformed into a canvas of vibrant patriotic displays, with drones creating intricate animations of the American flag, stars, and other celebratory symbols. The breathtaking visual spectacle was accompanied by a harmonious musical backdrop, offering the community a mesmerizing and environmentally conscious tribute to Independence Day.

The crowd gathered in awe as the drones performed a synchronized dance, illuminating the night with vivid colors and intricate patterns. This modern celebration not only showcased technological prowess but also highlighted the town’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Families and friends enjoyed the festivities, marveling at the creativity and precision of the drone choreography. The event was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of patriotism and appreciation for innovative, sustainable celebrations.


"Everyone must do something. I believe I will go outdoors with family and friends" S. Priest

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