Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Winter Day on Perkins Pond

This video shares one winter day on Perkins Pond.  On a snowy 10 degree morning, we see the Isle of View.  After a lazy breakfast, we walk through the woods on snowy trails.  Later we clear a patch of ice near the island in preparation for a weekend of ice-skating.

On our legs we wear gaiters for both hiking and working on the ice. The gaiters keep snow out of our boots and pants, provide a little extra warmth on a cold day, and keep the microspikes from snagging on our pants.

The red-colored microspikes we wear on our boots give us firm footing from slipping both walking in the snow packed icy woods, and on the ice covered pond.

A winter hike is educational with animal tracks in the snow bringing to life forest inhabitants that leave no trace in the summer. 

Later we snowmobile on the Pond.  Enjoy this video.


"Everyone must do something.  I believe I will go outdoors with family and friends"

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