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FOTCR 2016 Knights of Sufferlandria Sufferfest Challenge

The FOTCR Warriors
1.      A domestique is a road bicycle racer who works for the benefit of his team and leader. In French, domestique translates as "servant".
2.      FOTCR (Fellowship Of The Chain Ring) is the name of the club lead by Domestiques Ricko and Larry.  The name was derived as a play on the title of Tolkien’s masterpiece.
3.      Bits taken from the web site.
a.       About the Sufferfest: Amongst all the afflictions that torture humanity, there is one that gets almost no attention. One that numbs minds, destroys motivation and kills enthusiasm. Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome (TTBS) and Treadmill Boredom Syndrome (TBS) must stop. And here at Sufferfest Studios we are determined to make these scourges on humanity a thing of the past. To do that, we create the hardest, most exciting, most effective training videos in the world for time-crunched athletes who thrive with our high-intensity/low volume training philosophy. They’re also funny.

Our downloadable videos are the only ones to feature officially licensed footage from professional races like the Tour de France, the Tour of Flanders, the Road World Championships, Challenge Roth, Diamond League Track & Field, the Milan Marathon and more. We combine that with brilliant, hand-picked music and structured interval workouts designed by world-class coaches. On-screen instructions mean that you simply need to follow – NO THINKING REQUIRED JUST SUFFERING!!!!

You see, we want to make you faster – whether you’re a pro or a first-time newbie – and we want you to have a good time while that happens. We also strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry. The Sufferlandrian community deserves nothing less.
    1. KNIGHTS OF SUFFERLANDRIA There are those who know how to suffer. And there are those who do not know how not to suffer. There are those who look pain in the face and laugh. There are those who can’t look pain in the face because pain is too scared to look up from the pounding it’s getting. Yes, there are Sufferlandrians. And then there are Knights of Sufferlandria. To be awarded the highest honor accorded by the Sufferlandrian Ministry of Madness, one must simply do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.
On February 13, 2016 Rick, Domestique of the FOTCR (Fellowship Of The Chain Ring), threw down the gauntlet for the FOTCR membership to accept the Sufferlandria Sufferfest Challenge.  Seven (7) members accepted.   Below is the Submission Form that Domestique Rick submitted to document the efforts and request knighthood for three (3) FOTCR warriors.

Completed Submission Form for Knighthood
Record Of Suffering: FOTCR 2016 Knights of Sufferlandria Sufferfest Challenge; Url Of Glorious Photo: I am the bald guy, Festina jersey, in the video link above.

Body: On Saturday 2/13, a gruppo of seven (7) Knighthood questers, all members of the Fellowship of the Chain Ring (FOTCR) assembled at the Fort Walsh Naval Air Station in Bedford NH: Shannon Kamieneski; Roy Tilsley; Larry Gagnon; Bob Fortin; Jeff Kerr; Brian Mahoney, and your humble correspondent.

The main hangar (family room) of said facility had been prepared for this event the night before, by putting down tarps, assembling trainers and bikes, and gathering all manner of nutrients to sustain the questers. We were off (our rockers) and cycling by 7:40 a.m.

The Order of Battle was as indicated in previous FB posting, to wit: Downward Spiral; TBTITW; Angels (2010); Violator (those 64 sprints nearly did me in); A Very Dark Place; DAYT; Angels (2015); The Rookie; Nine Hammers; and The Wretched.

As the morning progressed, Brother Gagnon, who only recently underwent a hip replacement (!!) and was definitely honoring Rule 5 stopped his journey as had been planned, but stuck around for several more videos to offer coaching, encouragement, and the sight and smell of beer....A bit further down the "road", Brother Fortin and Sister Kamieneski gracefully withdrew, but will undoubtedly quest another day. Brother Tilsley did like wise after Video No. 6, but he will be heard from again. That left three of us: Kerr (on rollers for 6 vids); Mahoney; and Walsh.
We kept laboring through the final 3 hours, having in mind the observation made by the previously successful Dame Kelly Sorah that once you finished 7, you were going to make it through to the end!

Fought off cramps, incipient spasms, soreness etc. to finish with the Wretched, a little bit after 6:45 p.m. WOW!! All 3 of the survivors agreed that they only kept going because the others did so, and to bask in the glory of epic suffering.

I wound up with 124.60 miles (most I have ever done in a day) on a Cycle Ops fluid trainer, with AVS of 13.2, and MAX of 24.5; Jeff had 172.13 miles, most of which was on rollers - holy schmoke! 

My lovely wife Carol should get big props for putting up with this, and for providing spectacular brownies, granola mix, etc. for sustenance. Our friend Steve Priest made an excellent video during the course of the event, and there will be additional info. from Jeff, Brian, etc. when they submit their application.

We are very proud of this achievement, and even happier that we raised just under $2,000 to benefit New Horizons for NH, a soup kitchen/shelter for the homeless in Manchester!
We kneel, and most humbly request admission to Sufferlandrian Knighthood.
Kind regards,
Rick, Domestique of the FOTCR
Bedford, NH


Besides learning the Rules for a Knight of Sufferlandria Attempt, at the end of the above web page is a list of knights from the United States.  Sir Jeff is #245, Sir Rick is #246, and Sir Brian is #247.

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