Thursday, June 6, 2019

Doubles Rowing Lessons with Lake Sunapee Rowing Club (LSRC)

I am a member of the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club (LSRC.)

The Lake Sunapee Rowing Club (LSRC) trains and gives lessons at Georges Mills Beach, Sunapee, NH. It is a very welcoming group from novices to experienced rowers. Rowing sculls are provided.

Novices: Starting Tuesday, June 18, 6 p.m.  Just show up!
Experienced Rowers: Starting Monday, June 17, 5:45 a.m.

Interested people are welcome to attend a rowing session and ride in the LSRC launch along side the rowers. 

Ways to Contact Lake Sunapee Rowing Club
The below video is narrated by Brenda Balenger, an exceptional LSRC coach, as she instructs me during my recent Doubles rowing lesson.  My rowing partner, Melissa, is an advanced rower and serves in the video to maintain the boat's stability while I follow Brenda's instructions.  Melissa also demonstrates the gunnel skill drill that assists me in learning to keep my oars out of the water during my return stroke.

The last half of the video is Melissa and I rowing together demonstrating progress in my instruction.

My blog post, Rowing Through the Eyes of a Beginnerintroduces you to some of the basics taught in the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club's four-week three times a week course.

My LSRC lessons opened a unique world for me.

Never say, "I wish I had taken lessons with the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club."

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