Saturday, June 22, 2019

How to Remove a Tick

I stepped out of the shower and noticed what appeared to be a scab on my shin.  I did not remember hitting my leg.  I rubbed "the scab" and the end came up. I then saw the legs of a tick.

Hey, I have a tick stuck on my lower left leg.

I went to my "How to Remove a Tick" card I carry in my wallet.  I then proceeded to remove the tick. I first came in with the notch from the head side of the tick, and this did not loosen the tick. On my second try I placed the card notch in the back side of the tick, and this attempt very efficiently removed the tick.

Notice in the video the white material in the tick's mouth. I assume this is my skin.

I am sending this video to the New Hampshire Fish and Game for identification of the type of tick.

As mentioned in the video, I encourage you to pause the video and read the "How to Remove a Tick" card.

Three days later, I had another tick removed. See A Teaching Moment: How to remove a tick

Do not have a tick removal notch card? Quickly make your own from a like plastic card as seen in the video below: 


Call to Action: 

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