Monday, August 5, 2019

8th Annual Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet "Poker Run"

Never say, "I wish I had been in the Lake Sunapee Sailing Day Annual Poker Cruise"

When Captain Al asked if Cathy and I wanted to be part of his crew in the Annual Lake Sunapee Sailing Day "Poker Run", we could not pass up this unique outdoor challenge. My motivational mantra, Never say, "I wish I had ..." had to be answered, "Yes!".

The ANNUAL “POKER CRUISE” SAILING DAY HOSTED BY THE LAKE SUNAPEE CRUISING FLEET, promotes sailing fun on Lake Sunapee. All sailboats from sunfish to cruisers to racers are welcome to join a “Poker Cruise”.

Sailing enthusiasts are invited to rendezvous at the Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet boat just outside Sunapee Harbor. At the Committee Boat each sailboat is given instructions, a map of the course and a playing card. Boats will then sail to four-mark boats on the upper end of the lake.

At the mark each sailboat will receive another playing card. Following the “Poker Cruise” each crew is invited to bring their “poker hand” to a reception sponsored by the Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet at the Knowlton House (LSPA) in Sunapee Harbor. There are prizes will be awarded for the best poker hands and for the best themed crew costumes.

In case you cannot tell, Captain Al’s crew costume theme is that of being WACKY WAHINES (Goggle "wacky wahines" .)


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