Saturday, August 3, 2019

Testing Browning Trail Camera in Sunapee, NH

This post is setup for friends to comment on my trail camera experience.  Let me give a disclaimer here.  I am an outdoor writer and the videos and pictures I use in my books and blog posts all are taken by me. The Browning is my first use of a trail camera.  Suggestions and comments are most welcome.

I selected the Browning Trail Camera Model BTC-5HDPX because it received a very positive online review.  My criteria were: 1) Ability to talk to a company specialist if I had camera set-up and operation questions. 2) Fairly easy set-up - I am not a camera expert. 3) Quality pictures and videos I could use with minimum editing in my books and blog. 4) Night pictures and videos. 5) Medium pricing. After nearly one month of use, the Browning Trail Camera Model BTC-5HDPX has meet these requirements.

The most current videos are first in order.  The bottom video is my first use of the trail  camera. I first placed the Browning Trail Camera Model BTC-5HDPX on a wooded trail off Melody Lane.  The area is close to where I live and have seen wildlife.

I am learning more about the camera each time friends and I look at a placement's videos:

  • Weeds and over-hanging leaves - and even rain - can set off the camera - giving us beautiful pictures, but no wildlife. Placement of the camera needs unobstructed view.
  • Pesky squirrels scrambling up trees and inquisitive deer are all part of wildlife pictures.
------August 9 through August 14

After a few days, I moved the camera to a more isolated location. Here we have a five day video from this second location.  We indeed saw some exciting wildlife activity. 

-----July 31 thru August 3rd

Below are my first three days with my new wildlife camera. I edited out all videos started by wind from nearby weeds. I also split videos that did not contain significant information as I continue to learn this camera and where to place it.

The doe with her fawn was interesting. The coyote ... some who have seen this video thought it may be a fox ... what do you think?  The way it walks and its size make me sure this is a coyote.

Enjoy - and please send me your comments.

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