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SRKG Trail 10, Proctor Academy in Andover, NH to Winslow State Park in Wilmot, NH

Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway (SRKG) Trail 10, Proctor Academy in Andover, NH to Winslow State Park in Wilmot, NH, is rated by the SRK Greenway Guide as moderate. I will say this may be a bit underrated in that most of the six-mile hike is relatively uphill. The Guide lists the Total Ascents as 1300 feet, and the Total Descents as 140 feet. Add to this the fact the bugs were swarming around us for most of our 3-hour hike.

This hike was indeed special to me because it was with my son, Timothy. Timothy has hiked four of the SRKG trails with me, and hiking together offers us an opportunity to share happenings in our life, and remembrance of our many outdoor adventures together. 

SRK Greenway Guide Third Edition Changes

As is my practice for each of the thirteen SRKG hikes I have completed, I locate the trailheads with my wife before taking a hike. This assures me I can show up at 6:30 am the day of the hike, and not have to search for the trailhead. With Trail 10, this proved to be good practice. We readily found the northern trailhead at Farrel Field Houe at Proctor Academy on Route 11 and US 4. However, as we walked the beginning of the trail, at .3 miles the Guide had us “crossing the Northern Rail Trail,” and “bending left toward the Proctor ski hill, the SRKG continues through the flood plain and crosses the Blackwater River on a low cable bridge.” The Guide had us going on the Northern Rail Trail in a direction opposite from the SRKG trapezoid directional signs. Oops. Cathy and I followed the SRKG trapezoids, and in reading the Guide, the book and the trapezoids finally come together at “At 1.1 mile the SRKG meets Bridge Road just south of a fine covered bridge.”

We followed only the trapezoid signs until “... the SKRG continues straight into the woods …” from which the trapezoid and Guide were in synch. Afterward, I checked with Morgan-Hill Book Store to see if they had a more current addition than the 3rd Edition, and they did not. The Guide Book picture also shows the Third Edition as the current reference. 

As my readers know, the SRKG Guide has been my on-the-trail reference book for all my SRKG hikes. 

I will report my observations to the SRKG Coalition.

The Hike

The SRKG Trail 10 leaves Proctor Academy in Wilmot on the northwest shoulder of Mount Kearsarge. It uses several unmaintained Class VI roads. The terrain is somewhat muddy and rocky at times, but generally easy walking. My MapMyRun shows Timothy and I averaging between 27 and 29 minutes per mile, depending on the steepness of the area were we in.
Northern Rail Trail

We were only on the Northern Rail Trail for less than a half SRK Greenway Guide mile, but we enjoyed the distance markers.

People ask what does WRJ 40 mean? What does B 103 mean? These were from olden days, meaning, 40 miles from here to White River Junction (VT), and 103 miles to Boston (MA).

Barlow Hike to the Top of Mt Kearsarge 

I have hiked the Barlow Trail many times from the Winslow Park parking lot. Here is one of those treks where we went up the Barlow Trail, and returned on the Winslow Trail.

Hiking Mt Kearsarge in Central New Hampshire

SRKG Completion Medal

We now, never have to say, "We wish we had hiked the SRKG Trail 10 from Proctor Academy to Winslow State Park Mt Kearsarge."

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