Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Lincoln Trail 11 Extension to the Summit of Mt Kearsarge

Mt Kearsarge is the highest peak (2,937 ft.) of the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway (SRKG.) I just came to the realization how much Mt Kearsarge lends itself to the SRKG, and how much of my hiking has revolved around Mt Kearsarge. Doing Trail 10 (Proctor Academy to Winslow State Park) and Trail 11 (Winslow State Park to Kearsarge Valley Road), combined with my previous hikes to the summit from Winslow Park (ascending and descending using the Barlow and Winslow Trails) and Rollins Park (ascending and descending using Rollins Trail), was not complete, because I had never used Lincoln Trail to the summit.

On top of this, being the highest mountain in our immediate area, Mt Kearsarge has been visible from many other SRKG trails (i.e., Mt Sunapee Trail 1, Newbury Harbor to Old Providence Road, Goshen, and Trail 13, Wadleigh Park, Sutton to Chalk Pond, Newbury.) Plus, Mt Kearsarge is seen prominently as I kayak in Kezar Lake, Sutton, and Bradley Lake, Andover.

As I looked at the map of the SRK Greenway 75-mile loop of hiking trails, and particular Trails 10 and 11, I realized I had never hiked one section of the Lincoln Trail, Rollins Park to the summit of Mt Kearsarge. Before my SRKG quest, I had never paid attention to the Lincoln Trail because the Lincoln Trail was known to step steeply down a talus field and be very dangerous in wet and icy conditions. However, if I were to be true to myself about hiking all of the SRKG trails, I needed to complete the Lincoln trail from Rollins Park to the Mt Kearsarge summit.

Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Trail 11 Mt Kearsarge Lincoln Trail to Kearsarge Valley Road 
is the blog post that completes the Lincoln Trail from the Rollins parking area to Kearsarge Valley Road.

Finishing the Lincoln Trail - Rollins Park to Mt Kearsarge Summit

Indeed, the warning signs about this section of the Lincoln trail are not overemphasized. For much of this .4 mile section, it meant me climbing over a collection of huge broken rock fragments that have accumulated through periodic rockfall from Mt Kearsarge’s adjacent cliff faces.

I started with my walking poles, but as soon as I began climbing up and over intermixed boulders and pointed rock fragments, I had to stop and store my poles on my backpack. This section of the Lincoln Trail was no place to use poles.

I had estimated my .4 mile hike to be a half-hour. My actual time was one hour. Yes, I stopped to take in the magnificent views and to tie my poles to my pack, but indeed I must admit I used my hands, knees, and butt to achieve the section through the talus field.

The Video

Enjoy my hike up the Lincoln Trail from Rollins Park to the summit.

SRKG Completion Medal
I now, never have to say, "I wish I had hiked the SRKG Trail 11 from the summit of Mt Kearsarge to Kearsarge Valley Road, including the talus field of the Lincoln Trail."

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